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Our Rebrand

What we did as part of the rebrand.

As our company grew, the look of our brand had to as well. This is because we gained more experience, expanded our team, we took on larger projects, in short: we got a better idea of what we want to radiate as a company. With a new chapter comes a new look. That is why we have opted for a new branding; this update includes a new logo, new colors, new banners and so on. This blog is written for people interested in design and branding and takes you through our choices regarding our new branding.

our rebrand mockup Artifact Studios

The new website

On our new website we will take you more into the process of making a project. We do this through blogs like this one. We do this so that you can also see the team behind the projects. With the old website it was more about the basics, our contact information and the final product, with this new website we would like to show more of the process and the idea behind the products. The new look of the company is a lot fresher and we think the website can't stay behind!


The biggest challenges for the homepage were summarizing the other pages of the website, introducing people to our company and leaving a good impression of what we do. It was also very important to motivate the user to take action. Since our products are developed in Minecraft and therefore also have to fit the style of the game, it was difficult to find the right style for our website. We have solved this by making the color blue very common as that is the color of our company.


If you look at the difference between the portfolio page on the old website and the new one, you won't see much change in content, except for a few new products. Where there is a big difference, is the appearance, with the old website the size of each product was so large that it could be seen almost all over your screen, what we have changed is that we now have two products side by side, this ensures that you have a better overview.


Perhaps the latest and most important of this rebrand; the blog page, the blog page gives us the opportunity to give an insight into how we work and really show a team behind Artifact Studios. There are some big projects coming up and you can definitely expect a blog about them too!

figma design Artifact Studios color palette Artifact Studios

Our new colors.

One of the important goals of the rebrand was to improve the appearance of the team, our team has improved a lot in terms of professionalism and we really wanted to show this. We have chosen to make the look a lot cleaner and of course this also includes a cleaner and tighter color palette. The new colors go very well together and the main color, blue, is now also a lot more vivid.

logo Artifact Studios

Our new logo.

Our logo represents our company. It is very important to us that people will still recognise Artifact Studios after the rebrand. One of the things we've done to make this possible is to keep the shape of the icon the same, we just changed the colors and changed the logo with text.

A last word.

Feel free to leave feedback or give your opinion in our Discord! There are very big and cool projects coming up and the new website is ready to give a lot of extra information about these projects. Make sure you're in the Discord, as we will also make an announcement here as soon as there is a new blog. We are ready for the new chapter of Artifact Studios, we hope you are ready too!


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