City Teens

Do you want to impress the entire city with your new look? This is the skin pack for you! Great for roleplay with friends!

Race Crew

Ready, set, go! Are you READY for this awesome skin SET to GO race in? You better be because the Race Crew is waiting for you!

Parkour Races

Do you like parkour, and do you like having a lot of fun? Then challenge your friends to a parkour race! Choose from 3 different levels of difficulty, and race towards the finish line.


Cruise through the city with your friends wearing the newest fashion trends. This skinpack includes clothing for every skater!

Modern Fashion

Stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends with this modern skin pack! This pack has an outfit for everyone.

Streetwear Fashion

With Streetwear Fashion you will have the best style in every city, at every party! Great for fun roleplay with you and your buddies.

Vanilla Skyblock

Play Skyblock Vanilla! Create the biggest island with all of your friends! Use the shop to get coins and buy new items for your island to get even bigger! See how far you will come starting from only a small island in the air!

LuckyBlock Town

Lucky Block Town is an exciting map for a lot of fun experiences. Throughout the map, lucky blocks have been spread for you and your friends to break! Test your luck, and get either pleasant or unlucky surprises!

Sci-Fi Teens

Are you interested in the future, cool technology and to use your imagination? Then Sci-Fi Teens is the skin pack for you! Cool and colorful skins to stand out from the crowd with. A variety of different colors and styles.

Western Village

Howdy partner?! Welcome to Western Village, a peaceful little village far, far west! Go for a trip in a carriage, ride a mighty bull, or study the cool scorpions. The village also offers several locations to find and explore, are you able to find them?